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Why Us? Why Change?

W ork Less, Make More, Keep More! By getting the right advice and taking action to implement it, everything is possible.

Our objectives are our priorities to help small businesses flourish, to lighten the burden of ever increasing red tape, and eliminate gobbledygook.

Bear Bookkeeping works to help your business grow and prosper by being proactive and providing you the client with up to the minute financial information, cash flow forecasts and what if scenarios, so you can make the right business decisions.
Bookkeeping is no longer a chore which you try and do in the evenings or weekends. Instead you are free to concentrate on running your business and have some free time to enjoy yourself. Enjoy what you do or what is the point?

Many businesses never change accountants even if they provide a poor service. Why not? Because they believe it is too difficult.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In this day and age everyone is accustomed to changing supplier either to get a better service or a better price. So why not change accountant?

Simply send a letter to your existing accountant with a copy to Bear Bookkeeping and we will do the rest.

Bear Bookkeeping

Bear Bookkeeping