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Good afternoon and welcome to Bear Bookeeping

Our objective is to add that extra help for your business. As our client you’ll find your life not only gets easier but you’ll have less stress, further time to develop your business, increase turnover and profit  and may even be able to get more sleep – you won’t be awake every night thinking about your accounts, that’s our job!

Bear Bookkeeping was set up to be different. Our objectives are twofold, firstly to eliminate gobbledygook and secondly to provide a modern proactive business support service.
The vast majority of accountancy firms provide historical information which can be up to 18 months out of date, and justify their fees by how much tax they will save you. In our view this is putting the cart before the horse!

At Bear Bookkeeping we can tailor our service to provide as little or as much support as you feel you require in order to increase your profits. Without profits you won’t pay tax no matter how good your accountant is! Another big advantage is that our charges are agreed in advance so there are no sudden shocks at the year end.

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company Bear Bookkeeping can satisfy all your specific business needs. Our approach is honest, down to earth and gobbledygook free!

Bear Bookkeeping

Bear Bookkeeping